Why FeeFiPHOFum Acrylic Sign?


For starters, who doesn’t love good word play involving pho? It combines an endearing level of pun cheesiness with our favorite dish in the entire world. Secondly, and more importantly, it symbolizes our desire to create the most flavorful and completely authentic bowl of pho that you can find anywhere.

You see, the phrase originates from the classic children’s fable, “Jack and The Beanstalk” written in 1807. In the story, our young protagonist, Jack, foregoes a life as a peasant, by trading in his single cow for a bag of magical beans which leads him up a giant vine to a giant’s castle in the clouds rife with treasure. Jack scours the castle, finding valuable items all over, including the coveted golden goose, before cutting down the vine that ultimately led the large antagonist’s demise. Jack and his mother lived happily ever after; mainly on the bounty of the golden goose and Jack never had to milk a cow another day in his life.

Although the message behind this children’s fable remains largely ambiguous to us, we see ourselves as a Jack of sorts in our quest to find and source the best ingredients in order to create an amazing bowl of pho for the world. Think of us as the hero and the giant’s castle in the sky as a warehouse full of herbs, beef, chicken, chilies, limes, sauces, and of course, the broth. Unlike Jack and his mother, however, we want to share our “golden goose” with you and collectively live happily ever after in a world where delicious, healthy pho is available quickly and conveniently to everyone.

At Fee Fi Pho Fum, not only is our pho delicious, authentic, and healthy but also extremely fast, simple, and convenient. We specialize in take out and delivery- allowing you to enjoy a hot bowl of our soul warming elixir in the comfortable confines of your own home or your office. Or visit us in store, and, if you think you are a true pho giant, take our Fee-Fi Giant Bowl Challenge for a chance at eternal pho glory.

Whether you are a pho-giant, pho-natic, nym-pho-maniac, or simply a pho-rookie (pho-reshman perhaps?), we have crafted our recipe specifically for you. As pho lovers ourselves, we know it all starts with a well-balanced and dynamic broth. After that, add in the finest, locally sourced meats, high quality noodles, fresh herbs, and vegetables, and whatever sauces your desire (make sure you try the broth first before you sauce up).

Stop by our South Broadway Neighborhood location or call 303-777-3746 (3PHO) to place an order for pick up or delivery and soon enough you will be saying to yourself “Fee Fi Pho Fum; I smell the broth of a Vietnamese Noodle Soup; Be it veggie, chicken, or beef; I will be sure to add the perfect amount of basil leaf”



Fee Fi Pho Fum’s Commitment to Health

Our pho has all the authentic flavor of traditional recipes without compromising your healthy lifestyle. Not only does our beef broth have less sodium then the most pho restaurants (based on amount per 32 oz), but also naturally gluten and mostly msg free (meatball is made with msg).